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Stable Release (V3.8 build 2012, 11.07.2016):

Installer Version(10.1M)

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USB Disk Version(13.1MB)

A self-extracting ZIP archive of My Notes Keeper. This version saves all user profiles in the same folder of My Notes Keeper Application.

Download USB Disk Version

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Latest Beta Version (V3.9 Build 2039, 03.11.2018):

This is a beta version! Please use it only for test purposes!

Download Installer Version (20.8MB)

Download USB Disk Version (28.8MB)

What's new in this beta version:
+ PDF export.
+ View->All Items support display item size.
+ Double click on splitter to fit the tree width.
+ New Option: Tools->Options->General add "Default Pasting Action" option.
+ New Option: Tools->Options->Startup add "start with recents list dialog" option.
+ Find dialog show match count.
+ Allow lock the toolbars.
+ Add "Auto" in "Text Color" and add "Transparent" in "Text Background Color".
* Add progress and cancel button to picture download when paste html.
* Manage Recents List dialog show gray font color for invalid file path.
* The text file is now saved with utf-8 without BOM encoding.
* Fix bug: The export html files no title.
* Fix bug: Report "Cannot find field Bits" error when open a old mnk file.
* Fix bug: Can not add or delete custom icons.


MNK Reader

Freeware for view My Notes Keeper file.

Download Installer Version (3.19MB)

Download USB Disk Version (3.84MB)

Spelling Check Dictionaries

Additional spelling check dictionaries for My Notes Keeper.
How to use:
1.Extract zip file to Dicts folder in Mynoteskeeper install folder(eg. C:\Program Files\MyNotesKeeper\Dicts\).
2.In spelling option dialog(Tools->Spelling Check..., click Options... button), select dictionary in Language->Language setting.
3.If not found dictionary in Language setting, click Locate Dictionaries... button, choose Dicts folder in step 1.

Download Dutch dictionary (951 KB)

Download French dictionary (16 KB)

Download German dictionary (594 KB)

Download Italian dictionary (407 KB)

Download Norwegian dictionary (822 KB)

Download Portuguese dictionary (138 KB)

Download Spanish dictionary (289 KB)

Download Swedish dictionary (307 KB)

Download more dictionaries...

Language Pack

Include Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Deutsch, Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
How to use:
1.Extract to Language folder in Mynoteskeeper install folder(eg. C:\Program Files\MyNotesKeeper\Language\).
2.Choose the language from Tools->Options->General->Language.

Download Language pack (164 KB)

Demo Files

templates.mnk (228 KB) A demo file to show how to use templates in my notes keeper.

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